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Counselling and Psychotherapy

The benefits of counselling

 I believe that counselling is of real benefit for us to look at things that are causing us pain and distress in our lives, both from the past and in the present. Counselling can help us explore difficult situations, and allow us to gradually free ourselves from negative past experiences and so develop new ways of relating to these issues in our present day lives. This process stimulates a journey of self healing, well being and inner freedom. I believe that the wish and potential for self healing exists innately in all of us, and whilst counselling creates the space and direction for this to happen, it is the client themselves who leads this journey of self healing and self actualisation.

What to expect from counselling sessions

Different people will have different needs from counselling – for some a short number of sessions will be enough to bring a working solution to a difficult situation in their lives, whereas for others more long term counselling is needed in order to support the process of change and growth. The sessions will give you a space in which to confidentially explore issues that are bothering you. The counselling process will support you to make changes in your life and will give you the space to explore resources within yourself and in your life so as to change difficult situations.

What will the first session be like?

 When some contacts me for an appointment, I suggest they come for an initial introductory session.This first session will give you a chance to meet me, and decide if you would like to work with me as a counsellor. This session will give you the opportunity to discuss with me the issues that have brought you to counselling. It will offer you a chance to voice your expectations and hopes about the counselling process. I will be able to answer any questions or queries you have about counselling, and will be able to explore with you the prospect of working together on the issues that you are bringing to counselling. After this, I normally suggest meeting for an initial six sessions, with a review session at the end where you can look at the progress to date and choose to continue or not.

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